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Feb. 24   Embracing the Tension between National and International Human Rights Law: The Case for Parity
March 2 Einat Albin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Active Industrial Citizenship of Domestic Workers: Lessons Learned from Unionizing Attempts in Israel and the United Kingdom
March 9 Ittai Bar Siman Tov, Bar-Ilan University
March 16 Chang Wen-Chen, National Taiwan University New Separation of Powers in An Uncertain World of Transnationalism
March 23 David Enoch, Hebrew University of Jerusalem What is Wrong with Paternalism: Autonomy, Belief, and Action
March 30 Iddo Porat, College of Law and Business Justice Scalia's Legacy in Comparative Perspective: On Ritual Animal Slaughter, Circumcision, and the Smith Doctrine
April 6 Martin Krygier, University of New South Wales, Australia The Rule of Law: Pasts, Presents, and two possible Futures
May 4 Matthias Mahlmann, University of Zurich Mind and Rights Neuroscience: Philosophy and the Foundations of Legal Justice
May 18 Margit Cohn, Hebrew University of Jerusalem The Legal Treatment of Infiltrators/ Asylum Seekers in Israel: Collective Memory and Selective Amnesia
May 25 Ofer Malcai and Re'em Segev, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Should Responsibility Replace Equality
June 1 Yael Berda, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Managing Dangerous Populations: From Colonial Emergency Laws to Anti Terror Laws in Israel and India
June 8 Yoav Dotan, University of Minnesota Castles, Cavaliers and Windows: Understanding Judicial Behavior and Legal Mobilization by Analyzing Governmental Positions in Litigation
June 15 TBA TBA

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