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Vol. 19 May 2015




Human Rights under Pressure
-Sapir Dayan-

The Faculty recently launched a new interdisciplinary and international doctoral program focusing on the area of human rights. Our students participate in the program alongside doctoral candidates from Freie Universitat Berlin, a German “University of Excellence”. Two of the students in the program – Attorney Limor Yehuda and Attorney Rawia Aburabia – told us about their areas of research and shared some insights about this fascinating program.



Alumni for Ever
- Sapir Dayan -

What do Ruvi Rivlin, Yaacov Neeman, Ephraim Halevy, Aharon Barak, and Gabriela Shalev have in common? What common denominator connects Shimon Mizrachi, Adi Kol, Dov Khenin, Naftali Bennett, and Ram Oren? And what about Daniel Friedman, Ruth Gabison, Dorit Beinisch, and Eli Moyal? If you need a clue, just look at the title of this article.


The International Human Rights Clinic
- Sapir Dayan -

Every student at the Faculty knows that the legal clinics offer one of the most interesting experiences the Faculty has to offer. In this issue, we focus on the International Human Rights Clinic.




Short meetings with faculty students

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