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Social Work and Criminology - Combined MA Degree
Field Code: 440
The program will begin in the 2007/2008 academic year
General information
Academic committee for the program:

Dr. Dorit Roer-Striar, Prof. Mimi Ajzestadt, Dr. Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian

MA Coordinator: Mrs. Rachel Slomon
E-mail: rachels@savion.huji.ac.il
Registration Coordinator: Mrs. Daphna Sigal

MA Secretary: Room 516, Tel: (02) 588-2188; (02) 588-1807

Hours: Sunday – Thursday; 11:00 – 1:00 PM
Program Goals:

This special program combines the disciplines of Social Work and Criminology with the goal of training future academic leaders and professionals in inter-disciplinary areas related to crime, therapy, and punishment.


This combination will allow students to utilize the advantages of both fields in order to study topics such as juvenile crime/addiction, family and general violence, forced therapy and more. Additionally, it will prepare students to professionally handle real-world situations in the field.

Dual Degree:

From an academic perspective, this program is unique in that it grants a dual MA degree in both Social Work (MSW) and Criminology (MA) 


Employment opportunities:

It is likely that, upon completion of this program, various employment opportunities will be available to the students which will not be open to someone with just one of these degrees. The dual degree and the inter-disciplinary knowledge base it provides offer a significant advantage over other applicants for such positions. This is particularly true in the Family Courts, the Office of the Public Defender, various institutions of rehabilitation (such as hostels, prisons, etc.), parole services, youth advancement, the Israeli Police, the Welfare Office, and various non-profit welfare organizations related to the institutions mentioned above (such as the Association for Prisoner Rehabilitation, etc.).

The program:

MA Program:

  • The student may choose between one of two tracks:
Track A: (Thesis Track) 58-59 points required
Track B: (Non-Thesis Track) 64-65 points required
  • Length of the program: 3 Years
  • Tuition: 300%

Additional information on this program may be found at the Program Structure and Course Description page on this site.

For admission criteria and registration information: click here

For additional information please see Mrs. Dafna Sigal at the office of the MA secretary, School of Social Work, Tel: 02-588-2188; visit the website of the Institute of Criminology; or see Mrs. Miri Maskal at the Secretary's office of the Institute of Criminology, Tel: 02-588-0485.

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